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Pat Edmund, Master Carver

Elder Pat Edmund is in charge of hand carving all the Chief Louie Paddles and Spirit Feathers.  As one of the last surviving pre-flood members of the Cheslatta'ten's original homeland on the Cheslatta Lake, Pat possess' a wealth of information and stories for our younger generation to pull and learn from.  He incorporates into his work the value of our traditional ways blended with stories of adventure and reason. 










Catherine Van Tine Marcinek, Production Manager/Graphic Artist

Catherine's family, being among the first white settlers on Ootsa Lake, grew up with and have been close with the Cheslatta'ten for generations.  She has a keen interest in art and photography, and as well as overseeing all aspects of production, does all the graphic design, layout, engraving and photography for the Chief Louie Paddle Company. 


Mike Robertson, Policy Advisor

Mike is the Senior Policy Advisor for the Cheslatta Carrier Nation and has been with the Cheslatta'ten for over 30 years.  After watching an episode of 'How it's Made' in 2009 on paddle production, and knowing that the Cheslatta people have always proudly carved their own brand of paddles from the resources around them, he knew that this would be an adventure worth spearheading.  In the summer of 2009 the Elders of the Cheslatta Carrier Nation carved their first paddle for the Chief Louie Paddle Company.  Mike works on the management of the company, as well as product support and photography.

Mike with Elder Abel Peters




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